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Welcome to the Zigma Wall Mount category page on! Here you will find a wide range of high-quality wall mounts designed to enhance your viewing experience and maximize space efficiency in your home or office.

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Zigma is a trusted brand known for its innovative and durable wall mount solutions, catering to various screen sizes and types. Explore our collection below and discover the perfect wall mount for your needs.


Fixed Wall Mounts: Zigma's fixed wall mounts provide a sleek and secure solution for mounting your TV or monitor. These mounts keep your screen flush against the wall, offering a clean and minimalist look. They are ideal for rooms where you have a fixed viewing position and don't require the flexibility of tilting or swiveling.


Tilting Wall Mounts: If you prefer the ability to tilt your screen up or down to achieve the optimal viewing angle, Zigma's tilting wall mounts are the perfect choice. These mounts allow you to adjust the tilt angle, reducing glare and improving comfort. Whether you're watching TV, gaming, or working, the tilting feature enhances your overall visual experience.


Full Motion Wall Mounts: Zigma's full motion wall mounts offer the ultimate flexibility, allowing you to tilt, swivel, and extend your screen in various directions. These mounts are perfect for larger rooms or spaces where multiple viewing angles are desired. With the ability to adjust your screen's position, you can easily find the perfect viewing angle from anywhere in the room.


Ceiling Mounts: Zigma's ceiling mounts are designed for situations where wall mounting may not be suitable or desired. These mounts provide a secure and stable solution for suspending your TV or monitor from the ceiling. Ideal for commercial spaces, bedrooms, or rooms with high ceilings, ceiling mounts offer a unique and space-saving way to display your screen.


Speaker Mounts: In addition to TV and monitor mounts, Zigma also offers speaker mounts to complement your audio setup. These mounts ensure that your speakers are securely mounted in the optimal position, enhancing the overall sound quality and immersing you in a captivating audio experience.


At, we are committed to providing you with top-notch products and a seamless shopping experience. Explore our Zigma Wall Mount category and find the perfect mount to elevate your entertainment or workspace. Should you have any questions or need assistance, our knowledgeable customer support team is ready to help. 


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) about Zigma Wall Mounts:


Q: How do I determine the right wall mount for my TV or monitor? 

A: To find the right wall mount, consider the screen size, weight, and VESA compatibility of your TV or monitor. Zigma wall mounts come with detailed specifications and instructions to help you make the correct selection.

Q: Can I install a wall mount on any type of wall? A: Zigma wall mounts are designed to be compatible with various wall types, including concrete, brick, and drywall. However, it's essential to follow the installation instructions and ensure proper wall mounting hardware is used for optimal stability.

Q: Are Zigma wall mounts adjustable for different viewing angles? 

A: Yes, Zigma offers a range of wall mounts with different features. Fixed mounts keep the screen flush against the wall, while tilting mounts allow for vertical angle adjustment. Full motion mounts offer the most flexibility, allowing for tilting, swiveling, and extending the screen.

Q: Can I mount my speakers with Zigma wall mounts? A: Absolutely! Zigma provides speaker mounts that are specifically designed to securely hold speakers in place. These mounts ensure proper positioning and enhance the audio experience in your entertainment setup.

Q: Is professional installation required for Zigma wall mounts? 

A: While it is possible to install Zigma wall mounts on your own, professional installation is recommended for larger or more complex installations. This ensures proper mounting, stability, and reduces the risk of damage to your TV or monitor.


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