You have probably heard of keratin treatments , or keratin, and in recent years they have become one of the preferred options when it comes to hair care, with all kinds of procedures and products that involve it.

However, even so, there are many people who have no idea What is keratin treatment, what it really is for and, above all, what are the side effects we are exposed to when we use it. Therefore, we are going to review each of these issues.

what is keratin

What is keratin?

The first thing we should mention, then, is that by definition keratin is a protein that our body produces naturally , which is made up of sulfur, among other elements, and that we can find on the outside of the body, in places like the skin itself. hair , skin or nails. Basically, its function is to generate a barrier that protects them from the outside.

Now, as time goes by, that keratin that the body generates on its own is less and less, and to continue looking the same way it is necessary to complement it with some chemical product that incorporates it, which gives rise to all those aforementioned treatments.

What is keratin used for?

Answering this question forces us to focus on several of its main properties and benefits, such as the nutrition of the hair fiber that makes the hair look healthy and easier to comb , avoiding the damage caused by dryers and irons. , and the elimination of frizz.

In fact, keratin is capable of providing both vitamins and amino acids that are essential for hair, and that help it gain strength and resist better.

Side effects

But all the advantages of keratin cannot make us lose sight of the fact that this protein, when it comes from industrial products, can be associated with certain negative side effects.

What we have to pay attention to before starting any treatment is allergies , since a good number of people have an allergy to keratin without even being aware of it.

Assuming that this is not your case, you may still notice things like an increase in hair loss, or some excessive dryness if you use irons or dryers after taking a shower.

For the rest, professionals always recommend looking for products with keratin that do not have formaldehyde in their formula. Although they tend to be more expensive, they are less aggressive for the hair.