ANEMOI Meru Copper Yellow Adjustable Tortoise Ring for Men and Women

Tortoise is considered to be a very auspicious symbol. It is considered to be a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu and also represents Goddess Lakshmi as well. Thus, tortoise rings for men brings good fortune and prosperity to whom it belongs.

→Wearing a tortoise ring for men and women keeps negative energy at bay and brings peace and good luck into your life. Since the tortoise is known for its slow pace and patience – the wearer of this ring will also attain peace and patience. Just as the tortoise shell is hard and unbreakable, one who wears the tortoise ring also becomes strong and powerful – capable of winning every situation. Tortoise Ring helps you move through hardships, removes negative influence and brings happiness and victory in your life.

→Tortoise Ring for Men & Women – This Tortoise Ring can be worn by people of both the genders. It helps both Men and Women to achieve their dreams and enhance their qualities. Whether you are a working professional, businessman, entrepreneur, home maker, teacher, mother, single woman – whoever you are, the tortoise ring will benefit you a lot.
→High Grade Gold Plated Tortoise Ring – This Tortoise Ring is made of high quality gold plated metal – shiny and long lasting.
→Adjustable Tortoise Ring for Men and Women – The Tortoise Ring is ideal for Men and Women and fits both perfectly. No matter how your fingers are – big, small, tiny, thin, thick – the tortoise ring can be worn by anyone since it is adjustable. It fits any size.
→Where to Wear the Tortoise Ring – Tortoise Ring for Men & Women is to be worn on either the Index Finger of the Right Hand.

Meru Ring Adjustable Tortoise for Good Luck, Kachua and Prosperity (Golden)
ANEMOI Meru Copper Yellow Adjustable Tortoise Ring for Men and Women

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