ANEMOI Fitness Exercise Yoga Mat 6mm with Carry Belt (Grey)


ANEMOI Bluee Fitness Exercise Yoga Mat 6mm with Carry Belt

The secret to your best yoga experience every time you practice in the class or even at home is in having that comfy feeling that you havan e with your mat. That’s why we have engineered the comfiest, most convenient, most durable, and the most environmentally friendly yoga mat available in the market today.



Just the right thickness for your best yoga experience. It is made with double surface texture to your experience.



Both the front and the back surface is carefully made for optimum grip on your palms and the floor to prevent injuries and stays sturdy even when wet from sweat.


Come With A Strap:

You will also love the convenient strap carrier that allows you to carry it as you head to your class conveniently.



All the Yoga mats of ANEMOI are carefully engineered and made under strictest supervision Suitable for all -Get a head start of the day with the ANEMOI yoga mat.


Soft Base:

The Base/foam is smooth to provide you the best experience, and at the same time it’s stiff, so you don’t loose hold and work on your fitness.



It has Non-slip surface for added traction Anti tear and durable – Ensures mat is performing for lifetimeMultipurpose gym exercise mat – for sit ups, push ups, restorative yoga, hatha yoga, prenatal yoga, pilates, ab training, fitness, strength and conditioning workouts.

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ANEMOI Fitness Exercise Yoga Mat 6mm with Carry Belt (Grey)