Reasons for the Exercise:

  • The Reasons and the Benefits Regular physical activity, even with moderate intensity, has many health benefits, in particular, a lower risk of chronic disease, an improvement in muscle strength and a healthy weight.
  • The benefits of Exercise and the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle have been scientifically proven. For this, it is essential to Practice regular physical activity of different types and in all situations of everyday life: move, take the stairs, tinkering.Bluee Health and fitness store Gym Equipment
Physical Exercise is not limited to sports. Thus, it can take many forms, including walking, professional activities, domestic and some leisure. Physical activity must be regular to have a positive effect on health. That is why it is recommended to exercise at least five days out of seven, and every day, ideally. Reduce sedentary behaviors because it is the concomitance of increased physical activity and reduced the idle time that produces the most beneficial effects on health.
Take advantage of every opportunity to move more
  To be active, there is no need to practice an intensive sport. Even if you are not athletic, you can incorporate Exercise into your daily life and benefit from it. These benefits will be more proportional to the number of activities performed than to their intensity. For example, reduce the amount of time spent in front of the television or the computer to fight against a sedentary lifestyle and have more active free time. Every day, you can do more Exercise by moving more on foot. Shopping, going to work, accompanying your children to school can become opportunities to walk.  

The benefits of Exercise on flexibility, mobility

Yoga Mat Purple BLUEE with gym gloves The joints, which allow a wide range of movements, are reinforced by a complex arrangement of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. To maintain their amplitude, muscles and other tissues must remain flexible and flexible. In everyday life, it is clear that many activities require a limited range of motion and involve long periods of sitting or bending forward. These habits cause the stiffening of specific muscles and misalignment of the body. Stretching exercises, yoga and Pilates, on the other hand, work the joints in all their amplitude, which improves posture and flexibility, reducing the risk of joint damage. The exercise physical is not just on the body: the mind and emotional well-being also take advantage of its benefits. It helps reduce stress by relaxing muscles and releasing chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin, which improve mood. And it plays a significant role in the relief of chronic pain related to conditions such as arthritis. If why Exercise is essential is the question, researchers have shown that the level of anxiety decreases sharply during moderate activities such as walking, yoga, and slow swimming.

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The benefits of Exercise on cardiovascular

Bluee Health and fitness store Gym Equipment While all the physical activities that speed up the heart rate improve the efficiency with which the heart and lungs supply the muscles with blood and oxygen. When you breathe deeper, your lungs absorb more oxygen, which circulates faster in your body because your heart beats faster. Oxygen and nutrients feed your muscles more efficiently, and biological waste is eliminated more quickly. The more you exercise, the better you are: the heart muscle and the muscles that activate the lungs are more active; the blood circulates better, which increases its contribution in the bones and fortifies them. Cardiovascular exercises such as jogging, walking, or aerobics also burn body fat. An exercise moderately stimulates the immune system. The latter relies on a good circulation of the lymph, a liquid that helps to eliminate organic waste and which, in case of infection, transports the white blood cells to the place where they must act. But it is the muscular activity that stimulates the circulation of the lymph in the vessels.  

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