Keratin hair treatments have gained popularity in recent years, but do you really know what they are and what each type works for? The experts reveal it to us!

keratin for hair

Keratin for hair has become one of the most popular salon treatments of all time due to the incredible ‘smoothing’ effect it leaves on the hair, although it is surrounded by doubts about its use, application and effects. Many believe that it works to achieve impactful straight hair, but the truth is that it goes beyond that and not only do we say it, but the experts also confirm it!

In Glamor , we interviewed Pathan Zas , a hairstylist who has worked with celebrities and top models such as Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra, to answer all the questions about keratin for hair , from what it really is and how take advantage of it, even its types going from Brazilian to Japanese. If you were thinking of applying it soon, this guide will help you succeed in the attempt!

What is keratin for hair?

Before thinking about how to use it, we must really know what this substance is. ‘Keratin is a protein (chain of amino acids) present in large quantities in hair and nails; it is also the one that we lose in the highest percentage daily with washing, chemical treatments, heat etc’, reveals the expert, and continues to emphasize an extremely important fact:

Keratin has many characteristics, but none of them is to straighten hair

Pathan Z

Having this clear, Mas explains in depth what are the keratin treatments for hair that we have seen grow in the last decade with multiple variants, such as Brazilian, cocoa, Japanese keratin , among others. ‘Let’s start with the word treatment. It is true that it will treat the hair, but that is not why it is harmless or should be confused with a repair treatment. Quite the opposite. The purpose of these types of products is to tame your hair, leave it frizz-free and even modify your hair to absolute straightness,’ he points out. ‘So far everything is fine, what’s wrong with wanting to get out of the shower without combing your hair? Any’.

What it does ensure is that we should not be fooled into thinking that all keratin are straightening or repairing because they are not. ‘In the beauty industry, when we have to repair hair in depth, it is effectively done, among other ingredients, with pure keratin, which provides strength from within to prevent fiber breakage. This, combined with ceramides and other emollients, will make your hair recover its natural and healthy state,’ confesses the hairstylist owner of La Pelu .

And it is that by counteracting the deep damage of the hair, keratin is being added to treatments commonly called ‘ keratins ‘, which are combined with other chemicals and modify the natural structure of the hair, achieving from a relaxed effect to an absolute straightness, giving an open cuticle cleaning and leaving the mirror effect in your hair, says JonaPathan Z than. Hence that polished finish that all of us come to mind when the word ‘ keratin ‘ is mentioned to us!

GLAM DICTIONARY : What is the difference between ‘keratino’ and ‘keratin’? Keratin with ‘o’, refers to the organic protein found naturally in the body and keratin with ‘k’, is a hair treatment that mixes different ingredients to modify the hair structure.

Hair keratin

Types of keratin for hair

Now that we know well what keratin for hair is and how it works , we have reached the part that generates many doubts: the types of this treatment and their differences. Pathan Z tells us that in the market, we can divide them into three general categories: Brazilian, vegan and Japanese keratin . Discover each one!

Brazilian Keratin

‘They are keratins that were initially formulated with a large amount of formaldehyde. The high risk has already been demonstrated and since 2011 the percentage worldwide that it can carry has been regulated. This allows you a straightening of up to 90%, although it will always depend on the type of hair and the ironing that seals the product. After this, other formaldehyde-free versions came out, combining other types of non-damaging chemicals and a large amount of alpha keratin, which is the one that contains the highest amount of cysteine, providing strength and weight to the hair,’ says Pathan Z.

Duration of the result : up to 4 months.

Vegan or organic keratin

Pathan Z Hair ‘s hairstylist explains that ‘ they are treatments with beta keratin, something softer and where its effect is also softer. It achieves frizz control and a slight change in texture, so it’s only for those who want to keep their hair from frizzing and perhaps relax their curls a bit. It is formulated with different proteins and vegetable oils, without formalin, so it can be applied from children to pregnant women without the risk of chemicals. You have to make sure with the stylist that she is vegan before having a treatment. Normally, the process is somewhat less laborious: it is applied to wet hair, left for about 45 minutes, rinsed, dried and ironed without any product on the hair.’

Duration of the result : maximum 2 months.

keratin hair

Japanese keratin

‘With these we are going to obtain a 100% straightening. Its durability is like the bases: the hair that is treated with the product no longer curls again, only the new one that grows with its natural texture. This type of straightening is permanent and I only recommend it if your daily look is to wear it as ironed hair, otherwise it will be very difficult for you to style it with waves and for them to last more than an hour. It is a treatment 100% focused on changing the structure, it will give you extreme straightening and a lot of shine. The process is usually very long, up to 8 hours if your hair is long and dense,’ reveals Mas.

Duration of the result : “Its durability is greater than the others, which means that the hair that is treated with this type of keratin never curls again,” says Pathan Z. The recommendation is to touch up the root after 6 months, since the hair that grows comes out in its natural shape and it is necessary to reapply in this area for an even straight effect.

Shots or hydrolyzed keratin treatments

To finish, Pathan Z delves into this treatment, not as common as the previous ones, but no less important. ‘They help us rebuild, give strength to damaged hair, and it is highly recommended to do it before and after Brazilian keratin treatments or bleaching. This type of concentrate will not modify the structure or shape of the hair, it will only add strength and elasticity to your hair. Avoid applying them at home and better go with your trusted stylist.

Duration of the result : ‘It depends on the damage, the treatment sessions will be and how long it will last. In general, the first 3 consecutive doses are recommended in a space between 3 to 4 weeks and then do it every 4 months as maintenance,’ says the celeb stylist .

hair keratin keraorganic

How to use keratin hair treatments?

As in the face, when we talk about applying chemicals to the hair, it is essential to go to an expert and let him work his magic, depending on what he sees in your hair. The celebrity stylist shares his best-kept tip with us: “My advice is that you first find out from your stylist about what type of keratins he uses, what effect you are looking for and if your hair is really in the ideal conditions to be able to do it, in addition of post treatment care so that it lasts and is maintained as it should. It is useless for them to do a professional process and then wash it and take care of it in any way. It will be a waste of time and money, as the process will not meet your expectations’, concludes Pathan Z.

Did you manage to answer all your questions about keratin for hair and do you want to do any of these treatments? Make an appointment with your stylist right now or schedule with Pathan Z himself to choose the best option that will give you the hair of your dreams. Investing in a good hair procedure will be the solution to get good hair days every day!

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