Keratin is currently one of the best selling products for hair repair . The difference between before and after is really noticeable.

Today I will try to answer the most common questions that all women ask ourselves before doing any of the different keratin treatments 😇. Let’s get started!

What are the differences after a keratin straightening? 💗

The differences can be different, and it is that it influences both the quality of the product used for the treatment, as well as the technique; Although the better product, the better results , I assure you that.

  • Easy to use
  • Frizz reduction, frizz .
  • Formaldehyde -free straightening
  • Vitality Bath
  • Hair Fiber Repair
  • Long Straight
  • Smoothness and Extreme Shine
  • Professional results up to 12 weeks

Not because a product is cheaper does it mean that it is worse, nor that one because it is expensive is better, but it does have an influence, as does the way of application and the hands that apply it.

I mean, it is not the same to apply a homemade keratin or natural  treatment , or a 18000 Rupees L’oreal product, and it is not the same whether it is applied by a beauty and care professional or that you do it yourself. herself at home fast and Free.

These are undoubtedly determining factors before and after a Keratin straightening before and after, although with our help and advice, it’s suck! 🙂.

How does the Keratin look before and after?💗

Keratin products use formaldehyde, this chemical can cause damage to the hair if added in excess (manufacturers must use the amounts established by law). Ideally, keratin without formaldehyde is used , in order to avoid damaging the hair further, especially if we don’t have any knowledge of hairdressing or are a bit big-handed 😫, as I was at the beginning.

It is easy to know when a product with formaldehyde has been used, since these products have a very strong odor. This smell is not present when it is a keratin without formaldehyde. In any case, both are correct and work wonderfully, you just have to be a little more careful with some than others.

Do formaldehyde-free keratin straightening work? 💗

Regardless of whether it has formaldehyde or not, the treatment and smoothing work wonderfully, logically, the results can be varied depending on the beauty product used. In other words, without formaldehyde we can find hair that is much softer, shinier, silkier and with a natural application after applying it, but we will also see it with a treatment with formaldehyde, the result may even be even better.

How long does the keratin treatment last? 💗

What question! 😓. Well, it can vary depending on the treatment that has been purchased. As a general rule we will notice the effect between 2 to 3 months, that is what they stipulate that Keratin lasts before and after in the hair. Later, we can reapply another conditioning treatment.

How will my hair look after the treatment? 💗 Keratin before and after

One of the main characteristics that your hair is going to have is that it will look quite radiant, like when we were 13 years old and we hadn’t had it yet. This is because the hair will be nourished, all the ends will improve from the beginning of the ends.

Continuing a bit with the result that we will see in our hair, we will achieve an incredible shine and it will be softer, I assure you. With which we will achieve much easier handling than we are used to 👧.

Does it have side effects? 💗

It usually has no side effects. In the event that you have an allergy to any of the components of the treatment, it is necessary that you go to a dermatologist so that he is able to help you solve the problem and logically, do not apply that treatment anymore!

By answering these questions I hope some of your doubts have been resolved.

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