Does Keratin straightening damage the hair?

Hello friends, do you think the hair in the photo is damaged? Later you will see how it came about and you will give your own opinion.

One of the biggest concerns that you send me is whether Keratin straightening can damage or punish your hair . I will comment on my experience in this article.

We are going to distinguish the two facets of keratin straightening:
1) The product , there are many products with completely different qualities, results and characteristics.
2) The treatment itself, depending on the product and the results we want to obtain, must be applied in one way or another.

With these two ingredients these combinations can be produced. Bad products, good products misapplied, bad products misapplied, etc. But there is only one that works, a good product well applied.

before and after keratin

As a hairdressing professional ,  once you have discovered what each product gives you, that’s it! It is no more dangerous than any other treatment, highlights, bleaching, etc. if you do them wrong, the results are bad . This is the case in all activities, not only in hairdressing, the mechanic who fixes your brakes, the doctor who prescribes pills, etc. I mean, normally the difference is in the professional .

A good professional will not damage your hair, he will use the right product and advise you on the right treatment, because he likes his work, and he wants you to come back. A good professional no longer uses bad products, because he knows that he will lose clients,and also good products do not have to be expensive (hahaha, but this is another debate).

In my opinion, the bad reputation of straightening is due to the fact that there are hairdressers, who have applied it without having sufficient knowledge, do not know the different types of hair, or the different products and where they should be applied. In some cases they have used contradictory products and have damaged the hair a little, a lot or a lot.The good news is that there are beginning to be specialized centers,  or professional hairdressers , who know what they are doing.

To apply a certain keratin straightening, the manufacturers give you courses, or they send you a commercial that teaches you its particularities. It is neither easy nor difficult, but it has its artisan part.
– You must see how the hair is , (what type of hair it is, afro, straight, frizzy, treated with highlights, bleaching, punished…)
– What is it that the client wants, and what product is he going to give it to you ?
– You like them , they are long treatments, and they need the iron to pass a long time so that the seal is adequate, so they can be heavy, but if you get hooked and focus on evolution they are exciting. The change in the client is brutal. There is a before and after, completely different.
– Experience. As in all the experience is important, it means that just by seeing the client’s hair you know approximately what product they need, and what result can be expected.
– Honesty . There are times when what the client wants and what you can offer are not the same, it is when you must explain it with total honesty, you still lose a service, but in the long run it pays off.

I basically work with 3-4 different types of keratin , and with this I can carry out the treatment in almost 100% of the cases. As an example, we have an exclusive keratin to treat highlights, dry hair, bleached hair, etc., which smoothes while moisturizing. There are restorative treatments that nourish, hydrate, remove frizz, and volume, but do not smooth as much. There are those that straighten a lot but cannot be used on damaged hair, etc.

before and after keratin

Yes, the one above is the hair in the before and after photo. As you can see, not only is it not damaged, but it is softer, more hydrated and shiny. 

Note on formaldehyde: straightening with formaldehyde is prohibited, it is a very strong carcinogenic and harmful product for the hair, its inhalation is harmful both for the client and for the hairdresser. We do not use it, although it seems that there are centers that do…

Final advice, if you care about and worry about your image, find a stylist with whom you are comfortable, who has knowledge, you feel comfortable and you notice that you “connect”. Surely there is one for you!

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