If you want your trip to take you directly to unexplored adventures, to hidden corners and spaces where not many have dared to explore, then an original Duffel Bag could be your best ally. If you already know that this is what you want or still have doubts, we will help you find that ideal model following these essential criteria:

The weight and dimensions

When buying a Duffel bag, you are acquiring baggage that will allow you to carry a certain amount of items. Now, you must bear in mind that the basic rules for most airlines set measures for airline baggage between 55 x 40 x 25 cm, which vary according to the company.

There are also airlines such as Ryanair that accept a package no larger than 35 x 20 x 20 cm; this is the case for air travel, which usually also standardizes routes in trains, buses and other means of transport. The rules also deal with the weight, which for the first case should not exceed 10 kilos and for the second of 23. The good news is that cloth travel bags are usually lightweight.

Appearance and practicality

The presence of a Duffel bag can vary according to the personal tastes of each traveler. If you like striking colors, many brands offer models with flowers or intense colors, while others provide more sober and classic models.

Sports Duffles bag
Sports Duffles bag

Now, this type of luggage can be your best ally or your biggest nightmare depending on the model you choose. The practicality is above the rest of the characteristics or criteria that you must take into account. The most well-known brand’s manufacture models with and without wheels, for bicycle, folding, etc.

Make sure that the one you choose has organizer pockets, quality zippers, front class wheels if you prefer them, removable or soft handles and security padlock for added protection.

The price

Leather and a cloth model will undoubtedly have some price difference, as will a Duffel bag from The North Face and a Samsonite. Highlight the price difference that exists between different brands and between materials.

Also, the price differs in those that have wheels or not, being always a cheaper option the second option, while in the case of a hard or soft suitcase, the difference is not so noticeable.blue-travel bag girl gym

The different types of Duffel bag

There are models for women and men, as well as youth models that are different from children’s luggage. In summary, there is a big difference in this type of luggage, and it is the models with wheels and the models without wheels. Take a look at the main characteristics of each one.

Duffel bags with wheels

This is one of the most requested options. First, because the convenience of dragging our luggage with the help of two wheels and a handle is priceless. Second, because it is a very versatile type of suitcase.blue-travel bag girl gym

You have the option to drag it or carry it on the shoulders when necessary. Some models turn into backpacks with back handles, so if you like to vary the way you travel, it’s your best option.

Duffel Bags without wheels

These, on the other hand, are the typical original or classic Duffel bags. It’s the kind of luggage you need if you go around the world as an explorer or bus trip for the weekend.

It can be made in fabric, leather and even in other materials and it is a very personal way to wear what matters most to you, with the extra that you can use it as carry-on luggage to rest on your trolley while waiting for your flight.


The best brands with Duffel bags

The brands that sell this type of luggage are many, but there are some that are much more recognized and have a reasonable opinion by buyers. The Eastpak travel bags are one of them, as are the Kipling travel bags, the Samsonite bags, and the Roxy or Quicksilver bags. There are also perfect models for Nike travel bags.



Buying the ideal Duffel bag for your adventures is easier than it seems, you have to have the right eye for details and promotions and market developments. Start a new travel experience with a personal model, and you will know the world in a different way and in ways you did not know existed.

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